It’s warm. You don’t need us to tell you that.

So for while you’re indoors, spending what is probably far too much time on your computer, we’ve thrown together a gif-list of some of the all-too-relatable problems that come with the scorching Dubai summers.

#1. When you forget to put on flip flops around the pool.

hot feet

Ouch, ouch, ouch. 

#2. Those first few seconds after turning on the AC in a hot car.

dubai summer

‘My sweat’s so cold… am I feverish?!’ 

#3. But then you get all Beyonce wind machine on it down Sheikh Zayed Road…


‘Turn the dial to max petal, it feels so good!’ 

#4. When you forget that the cold wash is now actually the hot wash.


Just a touch of shrinkage. 

#5. Oh, and don’t forget, light grey shirts are off limits for at least three months.


As are baby blue, mint green. Well, any pastel. 

#6. Trying to woo a client at a midday out-of-office meeting in a hard-to-park suburb.

dubai gifs

‘Great, would love to meet, do you have underground parking?’ ‘No.’ *Hangs up*

#7. Here’s you picking up your phone after leaving it on the sun lounger.


‘My iPhone is a weapon!’ 

8. Oh, and here’s one for those of you who wear prescription glasses.

dubai summer

Every. Single. Time. 

But don’t worry. In the words of Jon Snow – winter is coming.


That said, don’t let anyone tell you September’s when it gets better. September = Sweatsville. October’s where it’s at.

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