They will help cut down on congestion caused by minor traffic accidents and breakdowns…

Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road will see the implementation of new motorway patrols designed to reduce response times in the event of minor accidents and vehicle breakdowns.

This trial period of the Traffic Incidents Management system (TIM) will come into effect on Sunday, September 16 and is managed by Emirates Transport with support from Dubai Police.

It will work by having road patrols stationed at five distinct locations along a 70 km stretch of the major Dubai motorway, allowing them to be easily dispatched in under 10 minutes in case of an incident.

These ‘Traffic Incident Units’ will be tasked with removing vehicles and restoring traffic flow at accident sites, as well as implementing diversions as reporting damage to surrounding infrastructure.

Any major accidents will still be handled by Dubai Police, but this new system will ultimately lead to reduced congestion around accident sites and cut down the chances of secondary incidents.

A senior official at the RTA said that Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road was selected for the trial because the road is partial to a high frequency of minor accidents and vehicle breakdowns, especially during peak hours.

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