This is huge news for anyone who enjoys gaming online…

Anyone who enjoys playing video games online will tell you that one of the key components to a fun experience is the ability to communicate effectively with other gamers.

This has proved to be tricky for many UAE gamers, however, as local telco Du has blocked the use of in-game voice chat for many of the hobby’s most popular titles.

Thankfully, it seems that Du has seen the error of their ways and, via an announcement on their community forums, has revealed that the restriction on the in-game chat feature has been lifted for the following games: Fortnite, Player Unknown’s BattleGround, Overwatch, Destiny, Strike of King, League of Legends, Evony and Respanable.

This will come as a huge relief to gamers who have, up until now, had to resort to various kinds of hacks and alternatives to be able to communicate while playing, many of which offer a sub-par experience to dedicated in-game voice chat.

In the the comments following the announcement players are reporting that the block has been lifted on many of the games listed for both PC and PlayStation 4, with some teething issues still present on others.

Either way, sounds like it’s time to fire up the console and get in a spot of gaming this weekend.

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