The smart system should mean a lot less queuing at concerts and big events across the city…

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) is set to launch a Smart Time Management System (STMS) to reduce the waiting time at large events, concerts and conferences.

The new system enables RTA to get real time data on the number of visitors at an event, and deploy taxis accordingly. It will also enable passengers to get information on the number of available vehicles, along with the expected waiting time.

In a city that hosts over 500 events per year, we reckon this is going to be a welcome addition.

So how does it work?

The system comprises of screens placed at the start, middle and end of the queue, as well as a device which can count the visitors, and sort out what services each passenger requires at the start of the queue.

It also benefits from a computer server, cameras to read the number plates of taxis at the entry and exit points of the event, and horizontal cameras which can monitor the event remotely.

The system also includes a vehicle fitted with monitoring cameras, and two smart offices to facilitate the communication with the Booking and Control Centers.

The STMS has already been tested at two events held at the Dubai World Trade Center, and in future, it will be linked with the Smart Transportation Center to serve more than 23 other events.

During the trials, around 12,000 clients benefited from the system, at a rate of 1700 clients per day at the two week-long events. The system has also been tested in one of the Dubai Mall entries for two days. Results of both trials showed a drop in the waiting time for taxi riders and a rise in customers’ satisfaction rating.

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