Calling all Sherlock Holmes wannabes…

Fancy yourself a bit of an amateur sleuth? Then you’ll love this new initiative from Dubai Police. They have set up a ‘Virtual Crime Scene’ that will be travelling around the city’s malls and are encouraging residents to have a go at solving it.

The Crime Scene Game consists of a small living quarters on a pop-up platform cordoned off by police tape, simulating the spot where a crime has been committed. The idea is that in attempting to solve the fake crime, residents will gain a better understanding of how the police go about the business of solving actual crimes.

Those who manage to successfully solve the puzzle will receive a prize and the chance to visit the General Department of Forensic Science and Criminology at Dubai Police to see how the experts actually do it.

The first of these virtual crime scenes was set up at Mirdif City Centre over the weekend and it is expected to move to other shopping malls around the emirate in the coming week.

Stay tuned to the Dubai Police Twitter account to find out where it’s going to crop up next.

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