Make plans accordingly…

To mark Eid Al Adha, there’s going to be a dry night in Dubai tonight.

An official communication issued by the Department of Tourism and Commerce has highlighted that Dubai will be dry from 6.30pm on Sunday August 19 until 7.30pm on Monday August 20. So really, the dry night is a dry day.

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Many of you will be very familiar with this concept, however, some of you who are new to Dubai might not be.

Here’s an explainer: during a dry day, no alcohol is served across Dubai and the UAE. This applies to all outlets, including hotels. This will mean you won’t be served alcoholic drinks at all after 6.30pm on Sunday August 19 until 7.30pm on Monday August 20.

Over Eid, private sector employees will enjoy three days off from Monday, August 20 to Wednesday, August 22. This means that work will resume on Thursday, August 23. The UAE government has declared the public sector will enjoy days off from Sunday, August 19 to Thursday, August 23 for Eid Al Adha.

This means it’s essentially a nine-day holiday, if you count the Friday-Saturday weekends before and after Eid.

What is Eid Al Adha?

This holiday honours Ibrahim’s willingness to sacrifice his son Ismail, which is why goats are symbolically sacrificed over this period. It is separate from Eid Al Fitr, which marks the end of Ramadan.

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