They will be closed for a five-day stint so best take care of any banking early…

The UAE Central Bank has announced the timings for banks during the upcoming Eid Al Adha holiday.

According to a letter circulated to all major banks in the UAE, branches are required to be closed from Monday, August 20 until Thursday, August 23, reports The Khaleej Times.

Normal operating hours will resume on Saturday, August 25 (remember, most banks are closed on Fridays as per standard).

*Eid Al Adha holiday declared for UAE private sector*

That’s great news if you’re a bank employee as it means you net yourself five days off. Not so great news if you’re someone who needs to get some banking done, however.

Thankfully, the Central Bank has mandated that banks should ensure that their ATMs are properly stocked with cash for the duration of the Eid period so there shouldn’t be any trouble withdrawing money.

It was announced yesterday that private sector employees will enjoy three days off from Monday, August 20 to Wednesday, August 22 for Eid Al Adha.

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