The fines have still not been paid…

A British tourist who racked up a staggering Dhs170,000 in fines while driving a hired Lamborghini Huracan is still yet to return the car to the rental dealership.

The 25-year old British tourist rented the Dhs1.3 million supercar on Tuesday July 30 from Rent A Car. Driving the car between 2am and 6am on the morning of July 31, the tourist tripped 33 speed radars on the road, incurring 33 fines.

However he is still yet to return the car to Rent A Car, and pay the fines.

“The tourist came and paid Dh6,000 for two days’ hire and left his passport as a guarantee. He still has the Lamborghini Huracan and hasn’t called us. We have tried to contact him but he hasn’t answered yet. I even informed the British Embassy about the incident,” Faris Iqbal, a partner at the car rental told Gulf News.

The car is currently still parked outside FIVE Palm Jumeirah, the address given by the tourist when he rented the car.

“The disagreement over payment continues. Police can impound the car if we cannot pay the amount of fines. I will not try to take the car back because then who pays the money for the impoundment? Police will impound the car if the fines aren’t paid. It is his fault and he should pay,” added Iqbal.

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