A bungee-like structure is being built on Kite Beach, and we wonder what it’s for…

Brace yourselves Dubai, it looks like XDubai are working on another hair raising experience.

Taking to Instagram, XDubai have teased that they’re working on a brand new installation on Kite Beach, and they’re inviting social media users to guess what it is.

Although the camera pans around the image fast, many are guessing that the installation is in fact a human slingshot.


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XDubai are behind some of the nuttiest stunts in the city, as well as the gravity-defying Dubai Marina zipline, so we wouldn’t be surprised to see them bring a human slingshot or bungee to Dubai.

Though at this stage we’re not sure when the new stunt will be revealed, or whether it will be open to the public, XDubai captioned the post with ‘The first 30 win an eXclusive eXperience’, so we hope it’s something we’ll be able to check out for ourselves.

And with the launch of HH Sheikh Hamdan’s Dubai Fitness Challenge scheduled for October 19, we wouldn’t be surprised if XDubai revealed it around the same time.

Reckon you know someone brave enough to take it on? Stay tuned…

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