It looks amazing…

It’s just over two years until Expo 2020 takes over the city, and as Expo excitement continues to build, images of one of the three themed pavilions – Opportunity Pavilion, have been released.

The 4,500 square metre pavilion will be built from 2,500 tonnes of stone, and will have a spiral shaped canopy roof made from around 111 kilometres of woven rope.

All of the materials used to create Opportunity Pavilion will be recyclable and no concrete will be used in its construction.

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“The Opportunity Pavilion is a welcoming space that draws people together and sets them on a fun and engaging journey that progressively immerses them as active participants in a mind-awakening experience,” said Steve Woodland, Principal Director at Cox Architecture, who are designing the building.

“The pavilion will feature a ‘rope-and-light’ theme throughout, with intertwined ropes reflecting the coming together of people to contribute to human progress, giving them a sense of fulfillment and encouraging further action,” he added.

Once inside, the Opportunity Pavilion promises ‘engaging and interactive journeys that will feature decision-making and gaming components’. Visitors will have the opportunity ‘to explore how individual choices and actions can make a positive, collective contribution to global causes’.

Opportunity is one of the three main Expo 2020 pavilions, alongside the Sustainability Pavilion and Mobility Pavilion, which make up the main design of the Expo 2020 site.

We can’t wait to see it take shape.

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