But only a little bit…

The long weekend is almost here! And if you’re wondering whether you should be spending it by the pool or inside the air-conditioned comfort of a mall, well, let’s take a look at what the weather has in store for us.

The good news is, things are definitely cooling down in the UAE – we’re seeing more highs in the late 30s than the mid-40s. In fact, on Tuesday, the overall high for the country was 44.3 degrees Celsius, recorded at Al Gheweifat (right on the UAE/Saudi Arabia border). For Dubai and Sharjah, it was 39C, and for Abu Dhabi, it was 41C.

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That’s quite a significant drop considering on Sunday, the overall high was 47.9C, recorded at Sweihan in Al Ain.

What about going forward? The National Centre of Meteorology says over the next few days, we can expect conditions to be hazy and partly cloudy, with light to moderate winds.

It’s still going to be pretty sticky, with up to 80 per cent humidity expected in coastal areas, which could create some fog or mist.

As for temperatures, we can expect the mercury to stay hovering in the late 30s, and it shouldn’t get any hotter than 44C.

Still too hot for you? Then you might like to consider a little road trip over the long weekend. Why not head to the emirate of Umm al-Quwain, which experienced a low of 24.5C on Tuesday? That’s practically Arctic.

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