Who’s up for the challenge?

The world famous du Tough Mudder obstacle course is returning to Dubai for a third year this December 7 and 8.

Taking place on the grounds of the Hamdan Sports Complex, du Tough Mudder is an untimed and team-orientated challenge with larger than life mud-drenched obstacles designed around the values of courage, personal accomplishment, teamwork and fun.

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Described as “probably the toughest event on the planet” with its multi-distance courses, du Tough Mudder is a true test of stamina and mental grit, that will no doubt leave you with more friends than you started with.

So what’s on the 10km course this year?

Well, all the best-loved obstacles from the last two years will be back, including the Everest 2.0 – a 15 foot tall mountain with a recurved top, Electroshock Therapy – a field of dangling wires delivers a punch at 10,000 volts, and Blockness Monster, where Mudders will have to push, pull and roll their way through 60ft of slick, rotating barriers.

Exciting new additions to the course are expected to be announced in the coming weeks.

du Mini Mudder will also return this year, a 1.5km course for children aged between seven and thirteen. Tickets start from Dhs55.

Hamdan Sports Complex, Dubai Sports City, Fri Dec 7 to Sat Dec 8, tickets from Dhs360. Tel: (04) 367 8700. toughmudder.ae

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