How could you not fall in love with these cuties?

If you’re looking to add a new furry friend to your family, it’s always best to adhere to the “adopt don’t shop” mantra.

And if you’re a cat person, you should definitely get in touch with Kittysnip. The Dubai-based animal welfare group is hosting pet adoption days this month to rehome abandoned or neglected cats and kittens that are in desperate need of a family.

Here’s when and where their adoption days are taking place this month:

Dubai Garden Centre (Sheikh Zayed Road Exit 40): Every Friday from 11am to 5pm

The Pet Shop, Al Quoz: Friday October 5, 12 and 26 from 11am to 5pm

The Courtyard, Al Quoz: Saturday October 13 and 27 from 10.30am to 4.30pm

For more information, you can email or follow them on Instagram. Kittysnip is a registered charity, so if you are in a position to donate – whether it be money or even a few cans of cat food – they would LOVE to hear from you.

The team has also shared some profiles with us of some of the fabulous fur babies you can take home with you.

Here are 26 cats and kittens available for adoption today…


A very chilled out, lazy boy. Well-trained and simply loves to hang out. Child-friendly but does love his own space, too. Perfect apartment cat but would also adapt to a villa and a garden. A most loyal soul.


Bob is a magnificent looking two-year-old Arabian Mau. He looks like a mountain lion. A lovely, intelligent cat for the true cat lover.


One-year-old male. Total lap cat, yet also playful. Amazingly affectionate and chirpy. Would do well in a house with kids.

Chen Chen

This sweet-natured little boy was tossed out of a car and into a parking lot. He spent five days desperately trying to get into the shopping mall to escape the heat. One of the shops took pity on him and let him sleep under the counter all day where he was a good boy and didn’t bother anyone. But sadly at night he had to go outside. He is in a temporary foster home now and just loves lots of hugs and cuddles.


Cindy is a three-month-old kitten. Isn’t she gorgeous?


Another cute wee three-month-old kitten.


Frudo is a three-year-old male. He is social with other cats and very friendly. Likes a quiet home.


This beautiful boy was abandoned in a colony and was being bullied by the more territorial cats. He has been treated for haemobartonella and has made a full recovery. Due to a shortage of foster homes he has been boarding at a vet clinic for months and attends weekend adoption events. At just over a year old, he is often overlooked as being too old! He is a super affectionate cat that throws his whole body into anyone giving him attention – he is full on!


George is a two-year-old male who lived in a vet cage for a year because everyone wanted to adopt kittens. He is extremely good with other cats and dogs, as well as young children. An amazingly sweet-natured boy.


Haru (which means spring in Japanese) is a two-year-old old Mau who had to undergo a rear leg amputation. A loving boy, he is used to indoor life and gets along well with other younger cats – he has been the brood mother for a lot of foster kittens. It is now time for Haru to find his forever home. He’s good with older kids, and loves to keep you company curled up in bed. He’s also used to dogs – just not a big fan of them.


Kushu was found in Deira crying out for help, eyes crusted over, only three weeks old and separated from his mother. Someone saved him and handed him over to Kittysnip. Many eyedrops, lots of love and a little foster brother and sister later and he’s a new little man with loads of purrs and cuddles to give.


Laila is a two-year-old female who was rescued from outside a boxing gym. She is very friendly.


Leyla is a nine-month-old female. A little shy and very lazy, she was rescued from a construction site in Downtown.


Three-year-old Lucy was mostly used for breeding and then thrown out on the streets. She was found thin and starving as she is so gentle she couldn’t fight for herself on the street. She was very scared at first but now a little purring machine and is most happy being inside. She has recently been spayed and had her starter vaccines done.


Miguel is a little tyke who is calm and patient, very loving and enjoys nothing more than to sit on your shoulder for a ride around the house. He enjoys playing with his foster family and is a connoisseur of all types of kitten food. He was found at three weeks old, running up and down the road looking for help having been separated from his mother.


Attacked by a big cat in Deira at only six weeks old, Pringle has been through the worst of it in her short life so far – hospital stays, a drain in her shoulder to remove infection, lots of healing to go through. Now at 12 weeks, she has little Kushu and Miguel to keep her on the mend, running and playing, acting like a little mama cat to both. She adores them – for example she gets more concerned for them taking medicine than when she has to take her own. Her heart is as big as her ears, eyes and tail. She is a cuddle bug, slowly trusts her humans but when she comes around she is nothing but pure love.


Rima is an amazing well rounded cat. She’s approximately one-and-a-half years old, friendly, affectionate, playful and great with other cats, however she would also be perfectly happy as an only cat, and wouldn’t get lonely even if you were out all day. She can be a little shy until she gets to know you but she quickly trusts people and is so warm and loving once she does.

Salt and Pepper

Salt and Pepper are brother and sister rescued after being dumped as kittens. They are now one-and-a-half years old, meaning they have been waiting a long time for the right home. They are the sweetest, most affectionate cats ever. Not a moment goes by where they aren’t dying to show you how much they love you – expect hugs, face kisses and lots of cuddles with these two around. They are very easy cats to have around, they keep themselves busy when you are away and are the quietest cats around. They are the perfect apartment cats, having lived indoors for so long already.


Sarah is a sweet, chirpy little girl, lots of character – but she prefers to be the “only cat”.  She’s an individual. Older kids and experienced owners would be best.


Stitchy Marie (or just Stitch) was found on SZR with her eye severely injured. Someone picked her up, stitched her up, got her chipped, tipped and snipped and set her loose in Barsha Pond Park, stitches and all. A friend of ours brought her to us to get her sorted. She melts into your arms, gets on with other cats after a bit of fussing and preferably if they are younger, and she is ok with dogs. Gorgeous girl, you won’t even know her eye is gone after a few days.


A beautiful three-month-old boy.


Little Tink was abandoned by her mum and left to fend for herself all summer. As she is a black Arabian Mau (however I like to think more like a sleek, shiny, very loveable little panther!) she typically has very little chance of being adopted.


This little dude was left all alone at a feeding station. He was only a few weeks old and was scared and hungry. He was being fostered by Heather and she noticed that he wasn’t growing and bald patches started appearing on his body. After being examined by a couple of different vets, he was ultimately diagnosed with fungal pneumonia and came very close to dying. Thankfully, after considerable treatment, he is now expected to make a complete recovery. He is very social and super gentle. He is FULL of love for everything – people, other cats and, most importantly, his life!


Yuki is approximately five-and-a-half months old. A very affectionate and calm kitten.


This little girl was picked when she was very young because she looked very ill. She had everything – cat flu, ear mites and ringworm. She underwent considerable treatment but has made a full recovery and is one of the best cats around! She is full of love and life. She and Toro are besties!

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