Who knew what was hiding under the ocean…

Depending on how long you have lived in Dubai, you’ve probably heard the odd story that you’re never sure if true or not.

One story which is up for debate is that a passenger plane was placed off the Palm behind the Atlantis to act as a dive site.

After some extensive investigative journalism, a couple of divers from Al Boom Diving and some You Tube footage, we have cracked the mystery.

It’s true… there is passenger plane sat on the seabed right behind the Palm.

Watch as we try and find the plane…

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The plane is a former Pakistan Airlines owned Airbus A300. It was decided to place it on the seabed seven years ago so it could be used as a dive site.

Now, what with the constant battering from underwater currents and erosion, much of the jet is looking a little shabby but you can still clearly make out the fuselage and the classic plane shaped windows.

It’s believed that the site has attracted many forms of sea life and is now a popular dive site in Dubai.

You do need a permit to dive at the site but many of the city’s diving clubs can arrange this for you.

In terms of surprises under the water, this is certainly an unexpected one!

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