Both the public and private sector will enjoy a Sunday off.

It’s the news we’ve been waiting for – the private sector will also enjoy a long weekend to celebrate the birthday of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

Both the public and private sectors will have Sunday November 18 off, making it a three-day weekend for those with a typical Sunday to Thursday work week.

A dry day where no alcohol will be served is also likely to be announced for this day – we’ll let you know as soon as we have official word.

Also coming up at the end of this month is Commemoration Day on November 30. As this is a Friday, it’s unlikely we’ll get a day off for this holiday.

However, we also have UAE National Day to look forward to, which is held on December 2 every year. This is a Sunday, which means a long weekend is looking pretty likely for all.

Trying to remember what days off you got last year? In 2017, Prophet Muhammad’s birthday, Commemoration Day and National Day were all combined into one three-day weekend for the private sector.

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