After two years off the road, you can now book an Uber in the capital.

Abu Dhabi residents are once again able to use ride-hailing app Uber, starting from today (November 19).

The transport firm is resuming its services after a two-year absence. Both Uber and local rival Careem withdrew their services from the capital in August 2016 following a regulatory crackdown. While Careem made its return the following December, Uber held back, protesting “prohibitive” regulations which meant ride sharing companies had to pay 30 per cent more than standard taxis.

In an email to customers, Uber said over the past six months it has had “positive conversations” with the Abu Dhabi Integrated Transport Center (ITC).

“Previous regulations on pricing made it difficult to bring back an affordable and reliable service which Uber is known for,” the email said.

“After almost two years of not being present in the capital of the UAE, Uber has signed a contract with the ITC to allow our services to relaunch.”

Uber said the “Select” ride option was available immediately, and new options would be introduced over the coming months.

One of these new options is a fleet driven by Emirati drivers that will cost the same as standard taxis. This service will also be offered by Careem.

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