The report covers a range of sectors from finance and accounting to retail and HR…

A new study by recruitment group Michael Page has revealed the average salaries across a range of sectors in the Middle East.

The 2019 Middle East Salary Survey uses data from over 100,000 Michael Page candidates across more than 2,200 jobs to create the survey.

The report also explained that candidates are now looking for more details on career development and office environment from their employers.”There is more talent on the ground committing their careers and long term future to the region than ever before, so tax free salary is no longer enough to attract and retain the best people,” details the report.

Here’s a look at some of the average salaries per month:

Finance and Accounting

Finance director: Dhs60,000
Finance manager: Dhs32,500
Tax manager: Dhs32,500
Senior auditor: Dhs21,000
Junior accountant: Dhs10,000


Head of digital marketing: Dhs47,500
Motion graphic designer: Dhs21,500
Digital marketing executive: Dhs13,000


Head of IT: Dhs42,500
Security engineer: Dhs22,500
Technical support manager: Dhs26,000
Data analyst: Dhs20,000


Head of visual merchandising: Dhs30,000
Area manager: Dhs27,000
Assistant store manager: Dhs14,000 – Dhs20,000
Sales associate: Dhs9,000 – Dhs13,000


Head of HR: Dhs50,000
HR manager: Dhs28,000
HR administrator: Dhs12,000


Partner: Dhs100,000
Senior associate: Dhs55,000
Associate: Dhs35,000
Paralegal: Dhs25,000

Sales and Marketing (consumer)

Sales director: Dhs55,000
Marketing manager: Dhs48,000
Key account manager: Dhs29,000
Brand manager: Dhs26,000

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As well as highlighting the average salaries of a range of roles in both SME’s (small to medium enterprise) and MNC’s (multinational corporations), the study also highlights which roles are most in-demand.

Roles in data science and analytics were ranked as some of the most in-demand roles, along with professionals with experience in procurement and cost management. Candidates who can design and implement a rigid process to safeguard organizations and their employees across the governance and compliance sector were also ranked as highly sought after.

You can read the full report here.

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