It’s set to be one of the coldest weekends we’ve had in a while…

If you’re back from a winter break and planning on putting the winter warmers away, you might want to hold off – the UAE is set for the coldest weekend we’ve had in a while.

While the National Centre of Meteorology (NCM) is advising that it will be fair with some clouds on Tuesday and Wednesday, it’s expected that by Thursday increasing clouds gathering over the sea could result in some light rainfall. The NCM advises that strong winds on Friday will see a ‘significant decrease in temperatures’. The NCM also warns of rough seas on both Thursday and Friday.

Overnight, a chilly 7.9 was the lowest temperature recorded in the UAE in Raknah, Al Ain.

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Long-range forecasts on AccuWeather predict that while highs on Thursday will reach a pleasant 29 degrees, highs on Friday are only expect to reach 22 degrees, with lows of 16 degrees. It’s a similar forecast on Saturday, where highs are expected to reach 21, with lows of 15.

It’s a similar forecast as the month goes on, with temperatures likely to stay around the low to mid 20s throughout January.

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