Al Wasl will start in ancient times, and promises to be a story of ‘tolerance, diversity and progress’…

The nation’s first opera will be launched at Dubai Expo 2020 next year.

Described as a cultural milestone for the UAE, Al Wasl will combine Emirati and global talent to tell the story of the UAE’s rich heritage which spans thousands of years.

The narrative will explore the nation’s Bedouin roots, and will journey to the UAE’s present achievements as a forward-thinking, modern multi-cultural hub and finishes in the future.

Commissioned by Expo 2020, UAE nationals Mohammed Fairouz and author Maha Gargash will provide the music and dialogue respectively for the opera.

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“The story is about the cycles of generations and young people and old people learning to listen to one another” explains Mohammed Fairouz in a clip announcing Al Wasl.

The two-hour production is being created in partnership with Welsh National Opera and will premiere in October next year at Dubai Opera, aligning with the official opening of Expo 2020. Performed in both Arabic and English, it will feature more than 100 artists and musicians as well as a production team of 70 professionals.

Composer Mohammed Fairouz, added: “In the UAE, we find inspiration in the present by looking to our history with pride and our future with hope. I feel blessed and honoured to be composing an opera in collaboration with Expo 2020, and am excited to showcase this unprecedented work at Dubai Opera next year. Al Wasl shines a light on the rich history of our people and nation, and how we embrace the whole world with humanity and generosity.”

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