New venue Pickl makes burgers the unquestioned stars of the show – and their patties deserve a standing ovation

Diet trends come and go (coconut oil, we hardly knew or liked you), but a hamburger is forever. Is it any wonder that seemingly every new restaurant, high-end or low-, tries its hand at a ‘signature burger’?

That’s fantastic and all, but there are times when some Dhs100 chef-driven creation (even if it tastes excellent) just won’t do and you want something crafted in a place that lives and breathes ground meat. In short, you want a burger joint.

Well, we’ve just found Dubai’s newest proper burger joint – Pickl in JLT.

Located in the One Tower, right next to the lovely 1762 Café, Pickl’s interior mixes pink neon lights with concrete floors and white subway-style tiles to create a simple but edgy aesthetic – nothing too over the top, just clean, cool and functional.

There are a grand total of six cooked-to-order burgers to choose from: A cheeseburger (Dhs30), double cheeseburger (Dhs40), a bacon cheeseburger (Dhs35), and double bacon cheeseburger (Dhs50), as well as the hugely-popular vegan Beyond Burger (Dhs35) and a chicken sandwich (Dhs35). All of them are served with a secret sauce, melted cheese, and homemade pickles, all encased in a potato bun.

We opted for the bacon cheeseburger, and what a good choice it was. The core components are nothing flashy – thin patties expertly griddled to medium, house made pickles, onion, American cheese, and crispy bacon bits cut up into pieces.

It’s the perfect alchemy of melty cheese, glutenous bun and perfectly seasoned patties. “We’re really proud of our Pickl burgers,” beams Chief Pickl Officer Steve Flawith. “Everything we make is fresh, home made and cooked to order. It’s a straight up honest burger.”

Other menu highlights include sando fries (Dhs25), which is really a meal in itself – consisting of skinny fries, fried chicken, parsley, dill pickles and special sauce.


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It’s go big or go home time. Be brave and tackle the ice cream burger (Dhs20), a delicious mess of vanilla ice cream, cradled in a deep fried cinnamon sugar bun and slathered in glorious salted caramel sauce. We won’t tell your PT, promise.

Pickl, Ground Floor, One JLT Tower, Dubai, daily 8am to 6pm.

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Images: Mike Murphy / Instagram