Private tuition is currently illegal in the UAE…

The UAE plans to legalise private tutoring for public school teachers to help struggling students with extra learning time, according to The National.

In a bid to improve the level of education across Dubai schools, the Ministry of Education will license participating teachers to be able to offer one-to-one tutoring sessions.

Teachers who wish to take part can sign up online, and will be financially compensated by the ministry.

While the scheme plans to offer help TO students who are struggling with particular subject matters, teachers will not be able to tutor students from their own school. The ministry wants to ensure that teachers are doing it for the right reasons, with a focus on improving a pupil’s education, rather than financial gain.

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The law currently states that employees are not permitted to take on a second job working for anyone other than their sponsor. Therefore, the new rule allowing teachers to offer private tutoring will have to allow for some flexibility in order to help students in need.

While 90 per cent of students attend private schools, these facilities will not be able to benefit from the private tutoring scheme.

The news comes after the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) revealed the performance rating for 176 private schools in Dubai, with 16 of them being awarded the ‘Outstanding’ rating.

Teachers who wish to register to become licensed private tutors should do so by visiting the Teach For UAE website.

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