Mascot costume? Ornamental food display? A sword?! You got it….

Dubizzle is the go-to site in Dubai for new, current and soon-to-be-ex residents buying and selling property, looking for jobs, or bagging a bargain on items like TV’s, dishwashers and furniture.

But aside from the usual, there are some seriously strange things selling out there too. We’ve rounded up the weirdest things we’ve found….

Walkabout Mascot Costume

Price: Dhs3,000

Just incase you’ve got 3k to drop, this Walkabout Mascot Costume even comes with an in-head AC unit. For when you’re wearing it for long periods of time. Which, you know, will be often.

Japanese ornamental food display

Price: Dhs100

Who doesn’t like to look at ornamental food that you can’t eat? For Dhs100 this Japanese ornamental food display, consisting of a lemon slice, half an egg, shredded lettuce and chicken (we think) bites could be yours. You’ll have to buy your own platter separately though – this one’s not included.

Antique Sword

Price: Dhs120

Game of Thrones may be over, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start your own re-enactment at home. Release your inner John Snow with this antique sword. Yours for just Dhs120.

A segway

Price: Dhs150

Need a new way to roll around your neighbourhood because walking is soooo 2018? Why not become the proud owner of a segway, yours for Dhs150.

Irvins Salted Egg Potato Chips and Fish Skin

Price: Dhs45

Fish skin crisps? We’ll stick to good old salt and vinegar, thanks…




Ariel Detergent

Price: Dhs20

We feel this is a lot of effort to go to to get your detergent, but if you’re not a fan of buying it straight from the store, you can get this Ariel washing detergent for Dhs20 online.


Two empty 5 gallon water bottles

Price: Dhs20

Considering you can buy the full ones for Dhs10.50 each, we wouldn’t call this much of a bargain. But, for Dhs20, you could be the proud owner of two empty, 5 gallon water bottles.

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