The same report also listed Dubai among the world’s top 20 cities for quality of life…

Salaries in Dubai are among some of the highest in the world, according to a new report by Deutsche Bank.

In the ‘Mapping the World’s Prices 2019’ report, Dubai ranked 14th in the average monthly salary report, which details the average monthly salaries of more than 50 cities worldwide.

According to the report, the average monthly salary in Dubai is USD2,856 (around Dhs10,500).

So, where should we be sending our CV?

Well, according to the report, the city with the highest monthly salary is San Fransisco in the United States, with average monthly salaries in the American city coming in at USD6,526 (around Dhs24,000). Zurich, New York City, Boston and Chicago completed the top five cities with the highest monthly salaries.

Dubai also ranked among the top 20 cities in the Qality of Life Index in the Deutsche Bank report, sitting at number 17. 

The highest ranking city for overall quality of life was Zurich, followed by Wellington in New Zealand and Copenhagen, which ranked third.

The index is calculated by looking at a number of factors that contribute to overall quality of life including consumer purchasing power, cost of consumer goods, crime and safety, housing affordability, traffic and commute times, healthcare and pollution.

Among all the cities, Dubai ranked number one in the safety index. It’s no surprise to see Dubai ranking highly: earlier this year the UAE was ranked the safest country in the world according to a survey conducted among residents.

You can see the full report here.

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