Good news for those in the finance, tech, HR and legal industries…

A new report by Robert Half UAE has revealed that the most in-demand jobs are within the sectors of finance, tech, human resources and law. According to the report, the UAE is seeing a need for candidates with specialist skills, particularly those in the digital market. The economy is on the rise, and the tourism sector is showing no signs of slowing down with Expo 2020 on the way, so CEOs are looking for talent who can help them grow with the country.


The report states that as Expo 2020 edges closer employment is on the rise, particularly in the leisure, hospitality and entertainment industries. The introduction of VAT has created an increased need for specialist talents as well. As competition for candidates who are skilled in technical fields grows, salaries have risen by up to 5 per cent, as companies search for the perfect employees.

Here are the most in-demand finance roles, and their salaries:

Finance director: $183,500 to $402,800 (Dhs56,000 to Dhs123,000 per month)
Financial planning and analysis managers: $82,200 to $147,300 (Dhs25,000 to Dhs45,000 per month)
Financial analysts: $49,500 to $98,000 (Dhs15,000 to Dhs30,000 per month)
Financial controller/finance managers: $98,000 to $204,300 (Dhs30,000 to Dhs62,500 per month)
Management/financial accountants: $63,500 to $128,700 (Dhs19,500 to Dhs39,500 per month)


According to Robert Half, ‘The UAE has spearheaded the global AI movement and is predicted to generate US$1.4 billion through this market by 2025.’ Therefore, the demand for professionals who are experts within this advanced form of technology has grown immensely. Additionally, many servers are being replaced by data systems, so there is a rise in the demand for senior project management professionals.

Here are the most in-demand tech roles, and their salaries:

Project managers: $91,600 to $138,100 (Dhs28,000 to Dhs42,000 per month)
Infrastructure managers: $114,400 to $157,900 (Dhs35,000 to Dhs48,000 per month)
CRM/customer experience managers: $52,700 to $90,000 (Dhs16,000 to Dhs27,500 per month)
AX functional consultants: $75,200 to $117,700 (Dhs23,000 to Dhs36,000 per month)
Mid-level application support professionals: $46,600 to $94,800 (Dhs14,000 to Dhs29,000 per month)

Human Resources and Administration

Strong economic growth is the reason for the increase in hiring quality HR professionals, with a need for professionals who can hire talent that will want to stay and grow with a company. HR teams are also being asked to put more focus on employee wellness, and favour professionals who have GCC experience. The highest salaries are offered to bilingual employees, and those with strong Arabic or English speaking abilities, according to the report.

Here are the most in-demand HR and admin roles, and their salaries:

HR manager: $65,400 to $98,000 (Dhs20,000 to Dhs30,000 per month)
Director/heads of HR: $114,400 to $255,000 (Dhs35,000 to 78,000 per month)
Personal assistant/executive assistants: $49,000 to $98,000 (Dhs15,000 to Dhs30,000 per month)
Office managers: $65,400 to $81,700 (Dhs20,000 to Dhs25,000 per month)


The most in-demand areas of law include corporate acquisition and mergers, technology, media and telecommunications. Firms are looking for candidates who have knowledge in the Dubai Financial Services Authority regulations and hands-on experience working with Dubai International Finance Centre courts. There’s a steady increase forming in government and semi-government companies looking for mid-level counsel.

Here are the most in-demand legal roles, and their salaries:

Mid-to-senior level associates: $80,500 to 250,000 (Dhs25,000 to Dhs76,500 per month)
Paralegals: $64,000 to $91,500 (Dhs19,500 to Dhs28,000 per month)
In-house corporate counsel: $65,500 to $220,500 (Dhs20,000 to Dhs67,500 per month)

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