The UAE’s moon sighting committee will convene on Sunday evening…

Ramadan 2019 is likely to start on Monday May 6, if a new crescent moon is sighted by the UAE Moon Sighting Committee on Sunday night.

The UAE Moon Sighting Committee is set to meet after Maghreb prayers (just after sunset) on Sunday May 5, according to state news agency, wam. Should the crescent be spotted on Sunday, it will mean Monday will be the first day of fasting for Ramadan 2019.

While neighbouring Muslim nations Bahrain and Saudi Arabia have their own committees to confirm the new Moon, typically they observe the holy month over the same dates as the UAE. Saudi Arabia usually leads the way in calling the start and end of the holy month.

In countries including Australia and Turkey, Ramadan has already been confirmed to begin on Monday May 6.

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Working hours for private sector employees will be reduced by two hours during Ramadan, while the working day for the public sector, and the school day is reduced to five hours.

We will of course let you know as soon as it’s official – but it looks like we should know for sure on Sunday night…

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