Can the newest addition match up to the rest?

After three successful cafe openings in Dubai, expert restauranteur, Natasha Sideris, decided Dubai Marina Mall would be the most logical location for her next tashas Cafe branch. The cafe was packed when we arrived, further evidence that Sideris truly knows her stuff.

There are similarities to the other outlets, but it feels new at the same time. Its a cosy space, with a mix of elegant olive green sofas and wooden wicker chairs. There are plenty of tables, but it doesn’t feel too overcrowded. The room is very light and open, with tashas’ signature unique lighting style taking shape in the form of individual hanging light panels shaped to resemble a chandelier.

Those familiar with the tashas Cafe concept will recognise the main menu, as its the same in all outlets. Each individual cafe has its own signature menu as well, and at Marina Mall, its all about casual dining. Whether you’re in the mood for breakfast, lunch or dinner, it caters to all.

We begin with something from the breakfast section – mushroom en croute (Dhs60). We’re off to a winner as its simply delicious, with perfectly flaky puff pastry, complimented by a smooth and flavourful mushroom and truffle creme. A light medium-poached egg rests on top, but the best bit has to be the crispy beef bacon shards sprinkled over the dish.

The best way to describe the service is attentive, with a genuine thoughtfulness and eager to go the extra mile. Staff are able to make honest recommendations, and provide extra details with ease, making the experience that bit more memorable.

Next we devour the pulled lamb Welsh rarebit (Dhs88) in all its cheesy gooey goodness. The dish is a richer, more mature cousin of a classic cheese on toast. Thick crunchy village bread acts as a bed for layers of tender lamb pieces which tear apart with ease and melt in the mouth. Doused all over the meat is a combination of lamb sauce reduction and creamy mustard cheese sauce before being topped with rocket.

To balance out the previous courses, we opt for a refreshing beef carpaccio salad (Dhs138). More salad than carpaccio, but delicious all the same, with tasty crispy parmesan pieces, melba toast and a variety of greens. The meat is soft and tender, sliced in wafer thin pieces and drizzled in olive oil.

If you try only one thing at tashas Marina Mall, do yourself a favour and make sure its the New York style baked cheesecake (Dhs48). With a crumbly biscuit base, zesty berry compote and a creamy centre, quite literally lighter than air, its one of the best cheesecakes you’ll find in Dubai.

Now you won’t have to travel down the traffic-heavy Al Wasl Road to get your tashas fix, Dubai Marina now has its own slice of heaven.

tashas Cafe, Ground Floor, Dubai Marina Mall, Sat to Weds noon to 1am, Thurs & Fri noon to 2am. Tel: (04) 458 5611.

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