Forecasters are warning that there could be scattered rainfall, thunder and lightening from Sunday…

It might feel like summer is here with temperatures reaching a scorching 38 degrees celsius last week, but the last of the winter rain is not yet over.

Forecasters are warning that the stormy weather will be back from Sunday May 19, with scattered rainfall of varying intensities, thunder, lightening and gusting winds expected.

On Sunday, Dubai residents woke up to a cloudy morning, with rainfall reported over the Al Dhafra area and some parts of Sharjah. The National Centre of Meteorology and Seismology (NCMS) forecast that there’s a chance of some rainfall today, before heavy rain and thunderstorms will be scattered over the UAE further into the week.

NCMS warned residents to take precautions when driving in the rain, with reduced horizontal visibility and to stay away from rough seas and areas where flash flooding could occur.

The report said the increase of moist air from the Arabian Sea will cause clouds to continue to increase, especially in internal and eastern areas, Al Ain and extending to the coast at times. Rainfall of different intensities will be scattered across the country. Thunder and lightening will also occur at times, with the amount of clouds decreasing gradually from Thursday May 23.

Temperatures are expected to reach between 35 and 42 degrees celsius over the next few days, while humidity could get up to 80 per cent in some coastal areas.

Make sure to take extra care if you’re driving on the roads…

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Image: Getty