Bad day in the office? Sick of exams? Relationship stress? Smash your frustrations away…

We’re all susceptible to one of those rough days. The ones where nothing goes right; where your family are doing your head in; where you want to pick up the nearest object and hurl it at a brick wall. Well now you can do just that at The Smash Room

The first of its kind in Dubai, The Smash Room, located in a warehouse in Al Quoz, is a concept that gives you the space to vent, scream, shout and smash, but most importantly, have tons of totally uncapped fun.

Inside the warehouse, there’s a distinctly dark and grungy street feel to the place, which is punctuated with neon lights and set alive with the booming bass of gangster hip hop tracks that will definitely get you in the fighting mood.

You’ll get to pick your weapon of choice from a menacing selection of sledgehammers, axes, crowbars, hammers and baseball bats. We kid you not, this place doesn’t mess around. Then you’ll suit up in full body-boiler suits (think Walter White and Jesse Pinkman in Breaking Bad), protective headwear, body armour and gloves before being let loose in one of the concrete rooms.

Nothing is off limits as you smash up TV’s, batter computers, tear up printers, hurl glasses at the wall and spray paint your exes name on a glass panel before shattering it to smithereens. Trust us, it definitely releases those endorphins.

As for weapons, we recommend using the sledgehammer, as it not only makes the fiercest impact when you’re letting off steam, but you can also burn up to 80 calories every five minutes – that’s the kind of workout we can get on board with.

They offer several smashing packages to choose from starting at Dhs100 to smash 18 glass items, right through to Dhs599 for two people, which includes 45 glass items and three electronics.

If you’re looking for an alternative Ladies’ Night, head there on a Monday, where you’ll get to smash ten glasses for free plus a 25 per cent discount on more add-ons.

You will be moving around a lot, so make sure to dress appropriately, with comfortable clothing and trainers. Go for ankle-length trousers, like gym leggings or jeans, so you can get the most out of your time there.

What are you waiting for? Get smashing.

Umm Sequim Road, Al Quoz 4, Dubai, Sun to Wed 11am to 10pm, Thur to Sat 9am to 11pm. Tel: (058) 1982323.

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Images: Supplied/Facebook