Paid parking applies during the week, with weekend parking remaining free…

Shoppers take note, Dubai Marina Mall has now introduced paid parking for the first time.

The policy came into effect on July 21, offering customers free parking for the first three hours, after-which the price will be Dhs20 per hour. This mirrors the price of weekday parking introduced last year at Mall of the Emirates.

Customers should validate their parking ticket at the machines located next to the car park entrance. If there is a payment required, this can be done at the machine and paid via cash only. The machines can accept banknotes of Dhs5, 10, 20, 50, 100 or 200.

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After validating, customers will have 20 minutes to exit the car park, otherwise risk having to pay an additional fee. Lost tickets will cost the customer a non-refundable fee of Dhs150. If you lose your ticket, press the button on the machine and follow the instructions.

The tariffs will apply from 6am to 6pm, Sunday to Thursday, with unlimited use of the car park remaining free on weekends.

Customers of Reel Cinemas can redeem two additional free hours of parking.

The new parking fees will not only affect shoppers, but also guests heading to the restaurants and bars at the connecting Pier 7 complex. However, guests for Pier 7 can avail complimentary valet parking from 11am onwards.

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