The ‘Smart Track’ system uses motion sensors and facial recognition…

Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) have announced the trials of a new ‘Smart Track’ system that will be used for driving tests in Dubai. The high-tech system uses a number of smart features to analyse the driver and examiner in order to give a more accurate result.

The first of its kind in the world, this type of automated testing aims to propel Dubai towards becoming the smartest city in the world. The cars used for driving tests in Dubai have been fitted with five cameras and over 20 sensors which monitor and record the drivers movements.

One of the features uses facial recognition to confirm that the driver is the correct examinee in order to achieve the ‘total elimination of mistaken identity’.

Abdullah Al Ali CEO of Licensing Agency, Sultan Alakraf Director of Drivers Licensing, said: “The system is part of driver-testing automation process as it provides an integrated link with an array of smart solutions such as advanced telematics, smart video recording systems, smart sensors and other sophisticated smart technologies.”

Currently, this phase only tests drivers within the testing facility, but RTA has plans to take the system out to the road in the future. “About 250 light and heavy vehicles, as well as light and heavy buses, have been fitted with the system that is compatible with the 5G Networks,” Abdullah Al Ali continued.

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Images: RTA