The penalty has been raised from Dhs1,000 to Dhs3,000…

From July 1, 2019, motorists who do not give away or move for emergency vehicles will face an increased fine of Dhs3,000 plus six black points and 30 days car impoundment.

Previously, the fine was Dhs1,000 plus six black points however the UAE’s Ministry of Interior announced the increase on Monday June 17.

The ministry also released guidance on when and how vehicles should give away to clarify on the rules of the road. In a Tweet it said: “The Ministry of Interior is dispatching civil patrols to monitor vehicle drivers who are not abiding to the rule of giving way to official vehicles including emergency, civil defence and ambulance vehicles.”

It also said that it had ‘noticed that some vehicle drivers do not give way to official cars, emergency and civil defence vehicles and ambulances, even when they hear the sirens or see the cars’ flashing lights, thus endangering their lives and the lives of others.’

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Drivers must clear the path for all fire, ambulance, police, civil defence and official vehicles in order for them to reach the scene of the accident or emergency as quickly as possible. Motorists should also avoid slowing down to observe accidents as this causes traffic obstruction.

Cars who follow the emergency vehicle as a means of cutting through traffic can also be fined, as this causes danger for themselves and others on the road. Residents are also reminded not to use the hard shoulder as a driving lane, this is reserved only for emergencies.

Drivers who are unsure on the traffic regulations can get more information by visiting

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