Potato and Popcorn are still looking for permanent homes in the UAE…

You might remember a couple of weeks ago we reported that five adorable pups in the care of Stray Dogs Center UAQ were nearing time to leave their mother for fur-ever homes.

In a new update we’ve learned that three of the five adorable puppies have found families, but two of the pups – Potato and Popcorn – are still in need of adoption families

Potato, Popcorn, Oreo, Coffee and Baileys were all born to their mother Honey at the stray dog centre back in April. Honey was picked up in March in Fujairah with a broken leg, and gave birth to her litter slightly after.

The pups are now nine weeks old, and the Stray Dogs Center UAQ are looking to get the final two puppies forever homes. Luckily, their mother Honey has made a full recovery and has an adoption home lined up already.

You can have a look at all the adorable puppies here:


If you’re interested in fostering or adopting one of these gorgeous puppies, you can contact Stray Dogs Center UAQ on Facebook directly.

But these gorgeous little ones aren’t the only ones looking for forever homes.

Sweet Peanut is around 10 – 11 months old now, and is in need of a forever family to take care of him.

Booboo is another beautiful little doggy who’s looking to be fostered or adopted in the UAE. She’s been with Stray Dogs UAQ for around six weeks now, and is looking to find her long-term family.

Even if you can’t adopt a dog yourself, you can still get involved. As well as donating to the shelter, you can also volunteer for their regular dog walks, which take place most weekends.

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