Tourists can obtain a free one-month license to use during their stay in Dubai…

It is now possible for tourists on a visit visa to purchase alcohol from any registered retailer in Dubai. While previously, tourists were unable to buy alcohol anywhere, now there’s a quick and simple process in place to grant them a temporary liquor license.

The measure was rolled out this summer, to help visitors stay on the right side of the law when visiting Dubai.

In order to get their license, tourists must visit an African + Eastern or MMI liquor store with their original passport, fill out a short form and sign an official declaration to state that they are not a UAE resident, and will obey the UAE’s rules and regulations in regards to alcohol purchase and consumption.

The store will then take a copy of both the passport and the entry stamp, and also issue the customer with a guideline to responsible drinking in Dubai.

The license will be valid for 30 days and applicable for renewal if the tourist chooses to extend their stay. The process is free and open to all non-Muslim visitors to the UAE, if they are over the age of 21.

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Both the African and Eastern and MMI official websites offer information on how tourists can obtain the license.

The news comes several months after it was announced that it’s now much easier for residents to purchase a liquor license. Previously the requirements for obtaining a license included an NOC letter, tenancy contract and salary certificate. However now residents can obtain a liquor license by submitting an Emirates ID copy, passport copy, visa copy and passport photo.

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