Better fill up fast, drivers!

After a small respite in July, UAE petrol prices are set to increase again next month.

In August, drivers can expect to pay Dhs2.37 per litre for Super 98, up from Dhs2.30 in May. Special 95 will cost Dhs2.26 per litre, an increase of 8 fils from Dhs2.18. Diesel will also be slightly more expensive this month than last, priced at Dhs2.42 per litre for August – that’s a increase of 7 fils.

All prices include the VAT rate of 5 per cent.

The UAE’s Ministry of Energy first began setting fuel prices based on average global prices in August 2015. Before that, the price of petrol in the UAE was subsidised by the government, which shielded consumers from global fluctuations in the cost of petrol.


January: Dhs2

February: Dhs1.95

March: Dhs2.04

April: Dhs2.23

May: Dhs2.48

June: Dhs2.53

July: Dhs2.30

August: Dhs2.37

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Image: Getty