Rewards include cancellation of black points from your license and a 50 percent discount on certain fees…

With school starting again in September, Dubai’s roads are set to get even busier.

In a commitment to promoting safer driving in the city, Dubai Police have declared Tuesday September 2 ‘A Day Without Accidents’, with rewards for motorists who pledge their support to the safer driving campaign.

It’s the second year of the initiative, and motorists who register online could get a 50 percent discount on vehicle confiscation fees and even get black points removed from their driving license.

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If you want to take advantage of the motoring rewards, all you have to do is register online on the official Dubai Police website and provide your Emirates ID details.

Dubai drivers who sign up to the pledge must promise to keep safe driving distances between cars, adhere to speed limits, wear seat belts, make way for emergency services and pedestrians and refrain from using their mobile phones when driving.

Dubai Police are also urging motorists to pay particular attention to school bus “STOP” signs. Remember, failure to stop when the sign is on can result in a fine of Dhs1000 and ten black points on your license.

Colonel Jumaa Salim bin Suwaidan, acting director of the Dubai Traffic Police, said that when ‘A Day without Accidents’ was launched last year, they achieved their target of zero major accidents and fatalities and the percentage of minor incidents was significantly reduced.

Safe driving folks…

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