Some ticket categories have had luggage allowances reduced by up to 5kg…

Planning on booking an Emirates flight? You might want to know about baggage allowance changes that the airline introduced on February 4, 2019.

The allowances have been reduced on two of Emirates’ four economy ticket types: Special and Saver tickets.

The maximum weight for checked bags on Special tickets reduced from a 20kg allowance to 15kg, and anyone traveling on Saver tickets can now take 25kg of checked luggage, rather than 30kg.

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Flex and Flex Plus ticket baggage allowances remains the same, at 30kg and 35kg respectively. Hand luggage has also remained the same at 7kg.

First Class and Business Class baggage allowances are unchanged at 40kg for Business, and 50kg for First.

The new weight allowances apply to all fights, except routes to and from the Americas, and flights originating from Africa. Special tickets for flights from the UAE to India will also have a 25kg allowance, rather than 15kg.

So, what is the difference in the ticket types?

Well, all four (Special, Saver, Flex and Flex Plus) are economy, so you get the exact same seat style and leg room on the plane, the major difference is the flexibility of the ticket. Typically Special and Saver are the lowest price tickets, but also mean they cannot be refunded, or changing the flight details is more expensive.

It’s worth noting that the new rates only came into effect on tickets booked after February 4, so if you booked your Special or Saver tickets for flights after those dates but before February 4, you’ll still be able to take advantage of the higher luggage allowance.

You can read all about the changes here.

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