Ever wondered what camel milk chocolate might taste like? Wonder no more…

From the outside, Al Nassma’s home in an industrial unit in Dubai’s Silicon Oasis is totally unassuming. You would never guess that inside, a decade-old company is producing the city’s finest chocolate, with one very special ingredient – camel milk.

Why, you might ask?

Well as well as numerous beauty and well being benefits, camel milk has half the fat content of cow’s milk, and up to five times more vitamin C.

They source their camel milk powder from Camelicious, the nearby camel farm dairy, which is the only EU-approved camel farm & dairy in the world.

Aside from the unusual introduction of camel milk, Al Nassma keeps it simple with their chocolate, with only four other ingredients in the base chocolate recipe: sugar, honey, cocoa butter and vanilla. So, you’ll find no long list of ingredients on the back of these wrappers.

Inside Al Nassma

Everything is then made from scratch in the factory, with a small team of 50 working tirelessly to ensure the highest standards are met and attained in the Al Nassma products.

On a visit to the factory, you’ll see cocoa beans being ground, ingredients being mixed and melted and the chocolate bars being filled into moulds by hand, before making their way to the chillers and then off to be wrapped. On a tour of the factory floor, a machine carefully shapes molten chocolate into large and smaller camel moulds, which are then taken to be wrapped into gold foil and finished by hand with a chocolate-coloured bow.

Each product is quality controlled by the human eye, and if pieces aren’t perfect, they’re melted back down to be remade.

Attention to detail is paramount throughout, and from the quality control to ensure that each chocolate is mark-free, to pralines presented in boxes covered with a material designed to resemble camel hide, Al Nassma prides themselves on producing only the finest and highest quality pieces for their customers.

Al Nassma products

Their products are stocked locally here in Dubai, and in airports and department stores around the world. The camel milk chocolate bars come in 8 flavours, luxury pralines come in three flavours, plus they also create beautiful gold foil wrapped chocolate camels – the perfect memento from a visit to Dubai.


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