Sponsored: Looking to branch out from the traditional dining circuit and meet other die-hard food fans? Join What’s On’s new supper club. Next stop: Mosaic Lebanese Restaurant.

Let’s face it, dinner is a lot more exciting when you don’t know what’s on the menu.

That’s exactly what we propose to diners at our exclusive What’s On The Menu nights. The latest edition of What’s On’s roving Supper Club takes place on Monday August 26 at Mosaic Lebanese Restaurant.

Some 20 foodies will get the chance to try a specially curated menu including Mosaic’s signature dishes, with a few secret ingredients sprinkled in – guess what they are to be in with a chance of winning prizes.

Here’s what happened…

Chef Hassana El Baroudi and her team whipped up some of the restaurant’s most popular dishes including her Mosaic style moutabbal, the refreshing summer eggplant salad, stuffed vine leaves, shish barak, and delicious chicken mousakhan, and prizes were awarded to diners who could guess the secret ingredients in some of her dishes. By the end of the evening there were full tummies all-round, and new friends made.

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Images: Supplied