Keep an eye out over the weekend for the announcement…

The UAE’s moon sighting committee will hold a meeting after maghrib prayers on Friday night, according to Gulf News. The committee will gather to assess whether they can see a new moon, indicating the start of Hijri (Islamic New Year).

An astronomer has predicted that the crescent moon will not be spotted until Saturday August 31, meaning that Islamic New Year will begin on Sunday September 1. The UAE government has announced a public holiday for the occasion, meaning a potential long-weekend is on the cards.

If the first of Muharram falls on Sunday, both the public and private sector will enjoy a three-day weekend with school starting and work resuming on Monday September 2.

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A dry night has already been confirmed in Dubai on the occasion of Islamic New Year, so no alcoholic beverages will be served across Dubai from 6.30pm on Saturday August 31, until 7.30pm on Sunday September 1.

Back in March, the UAE government unified the public and private sector holidays, meaning both sectors will get equal days off going forward.

After Islamic New Year, there’s only one more long weekend left this year, which combines Commemoration Day on December 1 and UAE National Day, which will be celebrated on December 2 and 3 this year.

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