The ‘No Good at Love’ singer will be calling Dubai home for the next two months…

Shameka Dwight, the multi-talented singer, songwriter and record producer is coming back to Dubai and she’s bringing a whole lot of soul.

Shameka will be taking up residency at Quincy Jones’ Q’s Bar & Lounge at Palazzo Versace for the next two months in Dubai from Thursday, August 22 to Saturday, November 2, 2019.

The singer, also known as Uri Grey, had a passion for music at an early age. She wanted her music to be honest, thoughtful and inspiring and she ended up studying music therapy when she was in college. She was quoted as saying that music saved her, and she wanted it to be something she needed to share with others.

It was through this mindset that songs such as Roses Have Thorns, Always, Love Is and No Good at Love Was Born

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“It absolutely makes my soul smile to have the lovely Shameka return to my Q’s Bar & Lounge again, but this time, she’ll be taking center stage! She’s got the soul, the swag, and most importantly, she can sing,” said Quincy Jones of the announcement.

But the singer won’t be here alone. She will be joined by her band with Tiffani on drums, Natalie Dariné on guitar and Drin on keyboard.

Quincy Jones added that he was “incredibly honored to be welcoming the all-female girl band, and man, let me tell you…they can play!”

With Jones’ career spanning over 60 years in the entertainment industry, you have to admit, he can’t be wrong so… we believe you, Mr Jones.

You can catch Shameka and the band performing from Tuesday to Friday during her residency at Q’s Bar & Lounge from Thursday August 22.

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Images: provided