The Portofino Hotel will be located on the Heart of Europe islands…

The first hotel to be built on The World Islands is now 47 per cent complete, according to developers of the Heart of Europe, where its located. The developer has said it’s on track to welcome guests by the end of 2019.

Portofino Hotel will be a deluxe five star hotel on Main Europe island and is the first in the region to operate and cater exclusively to families. The 451-room hotel has been designed in a traditionally European style, with every room offering a sea view.

Once complete, the Heart of Europe will have seven islands, 13 hotels and resorts, 4,000 residential units and over 50 attractions.

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Built exclusively for adults with children, the property will have plenty of outdoor water entertainment including a ‘variety of lagoon inspired swimming pools, tailor-made clubs for different age groups and much more’.

Elsewhere on the Heart of Europe, Sweden Island is the project furthest complete, with 70 per cent of the total construction finished. Germany Island and the heart-shaped Honeymoon Island are also close behind at 67 and 66 per cent respectively.

Cote D’Azur Hotel will be the second resort to open on the World Islands, now at 18 per cent completion. It will be near to Portofino Hotel on Main Europe Island, and is described as ‘a lavish deluxe beachside hotel comprised with luxury and comfort of the posh 5-star hotel facilities’.

In the future we can expect to see developments to the tune of seven iconic European locations, including Marbella, Munich, Amsterdam, London, Ibiza, Ikaria and Nordic. Little has been revealed about these projects but we’re told to expect that they will feel just like the real cities, in Dubai.

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Images: Supplied