Can’t stand people talking or texting their way through an entire movie? You need to book at one of these screens… 

If you’ve ever been to a movie in UAE , you may have noticed the in-your-face announcement that tells cinema goers to switch off their phones. But, of course, there are the ‘special-exceptions’ who chose to ignore this rule and tap away on their phones, or chatter with their neighbour throughout every single scene, while the movie is on. Not only is it annoying, it’s totally distracting for those who came to the cinema to actually watch a film.

Well, you’ll be please to know that this will (hopefully) be a thing of the past with Vox Cinemas’ new ‘Distraction Free’ screenings.

What is a ‘Distraction Free’ screening? 

Well, according to the announcement made on the Vox Cinemas Twitter account that stated ‘No texting, talking, or tapping’, it’s an all new experience made to immerse you in your favourite movies.

Sounds interesting. But how does it work?

According to the several questions raised on the tweet, Vox Cinemas confirmed that phones will have to be switched off or put on silent mode during the movie. While we know this is already requested of movie goers in normal cinemas, in a ‘Distraction Free’ screening, if your phone happens to ring, or if you text during the movie – you will be asked to leave by the ‘dedicated ninja-like staff members’. Can we pause for (silent) applause, please?

Of course, Vox Cinema understands that we might have to attend to an important call during the movie, but moviegoers are expected to quietly head outside the cinema hall while attending the phone call, and they will be allowed to return once they are finished.

Vox Cinemas also confirmed that regardless of the film rating, the screenings will be for moviegoers aged 18 or over.

If you’ve checked the Vox Cinema website, you will notice that the new category Distraction Free is only available at the Mall of the Emirates branch, but Vox plans to roll out the feature across other locations as well.

Currently, movies including Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, The Current War, Queen of Spades, and The Kitchen are showing at the Distraction Free cinema.

As avid movie-goers, we hope this will work.

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