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Dubai Opera is known for showcasing some of the world’s best-loved plays and musicals, with Othello already under its belt and Phantom of the Opera still to come. Now, Dubai Opera presents a very special rendition of Much Ado About Nothing, known as one of Shakespeare’s best comedic plays.

From Wednesday September 25 to Saturday September 28, theatre fans can catch the famous play at Dubai Opera, with tickets starting from just Dhs150. The show runs at 8pm each night, with a matinee performance at 2pm on Friday and Saturday.

For those unfamiliar with the story, it was written in 1598 and centres around characters Beatrice and Benedick, who begin as frenemies before both being tricked by their friends into thinking the other is in love with them. Simultaneously Count Claudio falls for Hero but their relationship is torn apart by a jealous rival who intervenes.

The timeless story has been brought up to date by award-winning British theatre director, Derek Bond, who is a part of the New English Shakespeare Company. The talented team takes Shakespeare’s most iconic works to new audiences around the world.

You’ll also find that the company brings its own contemporary and musical twist, making for a gloriously entertaining performance from start to finish. The story, which has touched millions with its elements of passion, penance, forgiveness and love, has been updated to offer a vibrant, funny and profoundly moving production.

Much Ado About Nothing Producer, Jamie Hendry, commented: “Shakespeare’s words speak to everyone, and our mission is to help his plays sing out loud and clear to the hearts and minds of audiences everywhere in productions that are bold, lively, relevant, meaningful and, above all, entertaining”.

Much Ado About Nothing, Dubai Opera, Downtown Dubai, Weds Sept 25 & Thurs Sept 26 8pm, Fri Sept 27 & Sat Sept 28 2pm & 8pm, from Dhs150. dubaiopera.com

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