The ‘Tech Taxi’ scheme will give passengers access to WiFi and a range of digital services…

Ever forgotten to top up your internet but need WiFi on the move?

Well, Dubai’s Road Transport Authority (RTA) have announced that passengers will soon have access to free WiFi during their journey in all Dubai taxis, so you’re never caught short.

The move is part of RTA’s ‘Tech Taxi’ initiative, which the RTA have now begun to implement, in a bid to drive Dubai’s taxi’s into the digital era. Along with WiFi, passengers will also get access to a number of digital services like current market exchange rates, tracking and rating your journey and improving communication with your driver.

To get access to the digital services, once you’ve started your journey, all you have to do is connect to the service on your phone, using the WiFi UAE network, then log onto

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Similar to taxi apps Uber and Careem, you’ll be able to track your journey in real time and, if you need to, you can share it with someone you know. Additionally, you’ll be able to rate your driver, rate your journey and capture the taxi meter screen on your phone.

Khaled Al Awadi, of the RTA, said “The initiative highlights RTA’s efforts to rank Dubai the smartest city worldwide. ‘Tech Taxi’ initiative provides free WiFi in all taxis enabling riders to connect to the service via WiFi UAE network using their smartphones.”

Happy travelling…

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Images: Dubai Media Office