Think you know what Jebel Jais is missing? This is the competition for you…

It’s firmly establishing itself as the UAE’s adventurous emirate, but Ras Al Khaimah Tourism Development Authority (RAKTDA) are looking to add even more adrenaline-pumping attractions to the region.

And if you think you’ve got a brilliant idea – there’s a Dhs100,000 prize up for grabs with the launch of their new competition.

The competition is open to those living across the UAE, with residents requested to submit ideas for the next iconic adventure attraction that will be built on Jebel Jais, the UAE’s highest mountain peak.

You’ll have free reign when it comes to creativity and design, with paintings, sketches, photography and digital images all accepted as entries.

According to the competition announcement, the design “must enhance the touristic appeal of the landmark, while highlighting local culture and heritage”.

There also needs to be a social media focus, with participant pitches required to demonstrate how visitors would share their experiences on social media.

The final criteria outlines that the attraction must be sustainable, in line with Ras Al Khaimah’s movement towards greener options.

To get involved, you’ll need to submit your entry to by November 20. Entries will then be reviewed, with the winner announced on December 22, 2019.

Jebel Jais is already home to an array of heart racing attractions including the Jebel Jais Flight: The World’s Longest Zipline, the Jebel Jais Via Ferrata, Jebel Jais Viewing Deck Park and recently opened Jebel Jais Zipline Tour.

RAKDTA has also already confirmed two more attractions will open at Jebel Jais in the coming months.

Set to be introduced in the final quarter of 2019 is the ‘Bull Maze’, a field of 35 challenging obstacles suspended in the air at Jebel Jais. The obstacles will be split between three levels on a 20-metre tall structure, challenging participants to test their limits as they navigate the course.

Then at the start of 2020, Jebel Jais will introduce a controlled bungee jump. The bungee jump will sit a height of 1,500 metres above sea level, and 23 metres off the ground. Adrenaline junkies will be flung into the air, with a free fall of 8 metres and controlled fall of 15 metres as they hurtle through the air.

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