Deliveroo will cover the cost of your next five deliveries if your order arrives more than five minutes late…

We’ve all been there at lunch time – the meeting ran late, you’re ravenous and ordered your food last-minute, and it always seems to be these times when your food takes well over the allocated time for delivery (we know, it’s a hard life).

Well, be annoyed no more as Deliveroo have introduced a new on-time guarantee, where if your food order arrives more than five minutes late, they will cover the cost of your next five delivery fees – the first food-ordering app in the UAE to do so.

The guarantee is only available on food orders over Dhs30, and if your order is more than five minutes late, you’ll receive a unique Deliveroo on-time guarantee voucher code to your email address, which you can add to your account to get the free deliveries on your next five orders.

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Here’s the catch though – the offer will only be available in the immediate seven days from your late order and the voucher code will expire after seven days, so no cheating.

Over 396 restaurants in Dubai are participating in the On-Time Guarantee, including Swich, the gourmet wrap restaurant, your favourite fast food burger places like McDonalds and Pickl or healthier options like Nutri Bowl or Salad Station. You’ll be able to see which are applicable by the On-Time Guarantee Badge on the restaurant’s image.

The guarantee applies to deliveries from Deliveroo riders only and can be availed all over Dubai from the Marina to the Palm Jumeirah or Downtown Dubai.

That late delivery isn’t looking so bad now…

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