The robots can navigate unpaved surfaces, curbs, and even climb steps…

Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with FedEx Express that will see the introduction of a new autonomous delivery device ‘Roxo’ to Dubai.

Roxo will complete the last-mile delivery service for various businesses in Dubai and can deliver to your home or office. The cleverly designed robot can tackle sidewalks and roadsides, and even unpaved surfaces, curbs and some steps.

James R. Muhs, Regional President for FedEx Express in the Middle East, said: “We are excited for Dubai to be the first international city to host an appearance by Roxo. Dubai is recognised internationally as a future-forward city, and has great ambitions for driving AI technologies in delivering mobility services.”

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The robot has ‘pedestrian-safe technology such as LiDAR and multiple cameras, allowing the zero-emission, battery-powered bot to be aware of its surroundings’. It even possesses machine-learning algorithms to avoid obstacles and follow road safety rules.

Ahmed Hashim Bahrozyan, CEO of Public Transport Agency, said: “This step complements the UAE AI Strategy, Dubai Self-Driving Transport Strategy, and RTA’s first strategic goal: Smart Dubai. Dubai has become a fertile land for cutting-edge technologies of smart mobility thanks to its advanced infrastructure. RTA applauds the announcement move by FedEx to name Dubai as a future test location for Roxo.”

There’s no word yet on when the robot will come into effect, but we predict that the trial process will begin soon in Dubai’s bid to become the smartest city in the world.

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Images: FedEx