The new, free-to-use, 32.6km Hatta hiking trails are the UAE’s longest signposted hiking trails…

Hatta Resorts and Hatta Wadi Hub have truly established themselves as a popular destination for avid adventure seekers in the UAE. And if that wasn’t enough reason to go, four brand new hiking trails have just been introduced sure to increase the footfall even further.

The new winter season kicks off today, Tuesday October 1 and will run right through until the end of April 2020. As well as camping and bike trails, keen hikers, runners and walkers will now have their own dedicated areas.

The four new 32.6km hiking trails will be free to use and become the UAE’s longest signposted hiking trails. They will be ability-graded, with four colour-coded routes dependent on their difficulty levels, for beginners right through to the experienced.

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Routes are coloured Green, Blue, Red and Black, going from easiest to hardest (much like if you’ve ever been skiing) and will lead straight from the Hatta Wadi Hub, which is located just an hour and a half’s drive from Dubai.

If you’re headed to Hatta for a hike, why not make a weekend of it and check into one of the glamping options at Hatta Resorts?

When staying at the stunning glamping retreat, you can choose from a rustic trailer to put you at one with nature or, if you need your amenities like a mini bar, go for a lodge or caravan, with prices starting from Dhs585.

Other free and pay-to-use activities that are available include mountain biking, downhill carting, a human sling shot, axe throwing, archery, adventure rope courses, zip lines and more. There’s even a specialised zorbing centre for both adults and children.

Alongside the new walking addition, the famous Hatta Heritage Village (one of the oldest existing Emirati villages in Dubai) has had a little TLC during the summer hiatus, with works done to the historic fort and watch towers. There’s always loads of local crafts, art and history to explore there.

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Images: Visit Hatta