Sponsored: Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, The Market serves up delicious and authentic Turkish meals with amazing views…

If you fancy tucking into some Turkish cuisine, you need to head to The Market – an authentic Turkish restaurant in The Dubai Mall that serves up brilliant dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Savor authentic dishes such as the famous doner, Adana kebabs, Iskender kebabs, steaks and more that’s been prepared by a Turkish executive chef.

The Turkish cuisine varies across the country, which is why the menu at The Market features a plethora of different dishes inspired by Turkey’s different regions.

Highlights on the menu include Instanbul burger, which comes in a neatly compartmentalized tray served with a lime cordial drink and bite sized kofta served as savory lollypop snacks.

If you’re unable to make a decision on what you eat for mains, you can’t go wrong with the wagyu kebab, wagyu lahmacun, quzi (a rice based dish served with very slow cooked lamb, roasted nuts, raisins), and pide (a flat bread that’s baked with toppings in a stone oven) – the restaurant’s signature dishes.

And let’s not forget about dessert. Try the signature Turkish baklava, that’s reimagined in the form of an indulgent New York style cheesecake. Yum!

While you’re busy enjoying your meal, but don’t forget to take in the view as the restaurant offers stunning views over the fountains of Dubai Mall.

If you’re heading here for breakfast, there a variety of traditional Turkish pastries, bread, cheeses, sujuk(dry, spicy sausage) and cig borek  – a traditional and essential Turkish breakfast, which is a crispy Turkish cheese and meat filled pastry. There’s also egg dishes available including truffle scramble egg that’s cradled inside the ring of a simit bread (a circular bread, typically encrusted with seeds).

The Market also features a gourmet grocery section with produce including a selection of cheese, honey, olive oil and other delicious Turkish goods which you can buy and take home.

Huqqa/The Market, Fashion Avenue,  Level 3, Dubai Mall(new extension), breakfast is served 10am to 1pm (weekdays), 10am to 3pm (weekends), Tel: (04) 566 8557, facebook.com/huqqadubai

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