The remote-controlled robot will be used when fires occur in hard-to-reach places…

Abu Dhabi Police have shared footage of the Civil Defence team testing their new robot: LUF 60. The remote-controlled device is designed to work with the firefighters to extinguish blazes in difficult areas like tunnels, closed carparks and industrial areas such as apartment buildings.

Firefighters will be able to operate LUF 60 from a remote location up to 300 metres away, minimising the risk of their own safety. The clever piece of machinery, which was designed and built in Austria, can even climb stairs and ramps of 30 degrees incline and remove obstacles where necessary.

LUF 60 has a 140 horse power diesel engine which can reach a speed of 4.5 kilometres per hour, make sharp turns and project foam and water at intense speed.


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The robot uses an “atomised water jet” to generate billions of tiny water droplets and project them towards the flames, dispersing 2,400 litres of water per minute at a distance of 60 metres. The powerful device can also switch to foam if needed and spray up to a distance of 35 metres.

Abu Dhabi Police didn’t disclosed when or where they intend to start using the LUF60. The experiment also tested the ‘best products and devices from various industries that serve the work of rescuers and firefighters,’ according to the Instagram post.

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